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 Message of Your Partner 

Thank you for your interest to join AEDAP’s movement. Since its foundation in 1982 by my father Jean Th. Lindor. AEDAP has always been about: 

A Association 

E Exchange 

D Development 

A Activities 

P to promote and build the true essence of PARTNERSHIP 

Where does your money go? 

YOUTH- We believe in always passing the ball to the new generations and not limit AEDAP’s philosophy to one group. This is why we think globally. Power to the children and the youth. 

Your money goes to youth leadership programs and toys drive. 

Your money does to less fortunate children and youth in the US and abroad. 

SENIORS- This group is also vulnerable. AEDAP for 15 years has a closed relationship with many assisted facilities and work with seniors empowering them to keep on living. We conduct seniors’ health and wellness program enabling them to interact with their peers and still keep their independence. 

Women Rural Project – With emphasis on the rural sector of Haiti, (Back Country). This sector is always forgotten while women is the pillar of the Haitian economy. Present in KAMAK-Laroque, AEDAP coaches women 18 to 90th as long as they wish to be part of the program to get out of extreme poverty. AEDAP women rural project is about agricultural industry, commerce, exchange and art. 

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in TRANSFORMING the lives of these specific targeted groups. Joining leaders like you, AEDAP also champions a yearly leadership retreat inviting all leaders to report their accomplishments, share their challenging, cheer each other, most definitely build a community calendar to avoid duplication. 

This is why we say loudly that our COLLECTIVE SUCCESS is: