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Our Slongan

“Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to raise funds to support small community development projects in the United States and Haiti.

Our Vision

The Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnerships, Inc. (AEDAP) will be a Leadership Concept that existing Community Organizations will apply to develop Partnerships and Collaboration both in the United States and Haiti.

AEDAP will be an umbrella organization for small projects through partnership.

Our Goals and Objectives

To provide technical support for existing community organizations, to empower organizations members through leadership retreats, to collaborate with sponsored community development programs in both in the United States of America as well as Haiti.

To teach mentoring and coaching skills to boys and girls ages 5-18 through leadership training that focuses on Youth development, preventive health, talents sharing, community involvement and sports.

To develop a yearly human resource list for Media, and support projects that include Haitian media, highlighting their involvement in charitable neighborhood programs.

To encourage local non-profit organizations to maintain a calendar of events, provide a public forum for important dialogue and reduce duplication and celebrate their accomplishments

Provide free food to seniors. Conduct support group sessions to encourage them to sustain their quality of life and empower them to not lose their self-esteem.

Lastly empower women in the rural sectors of Haiti.