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AEDAP Executive Director Remarks

I and the Board would like to show our support and express our deepest sympathy for the many lives lost due to Hurricane Matthew.

AEDAP had joined the Haitian American Hurricane Mathew Emergency Relief Team and served as pick up team in South Dade up to October 22, 2016.

However the work does not end there. We are planning our yearly Humanitarian mission in Haiti and plan to visit AEDAP Women Rural project in KMAK, Cavaillon seriously impacted leaving many “Roofless”.

We urge you to become a volunteer, to believe in our partnership spirit.

Simply know our mission, share our vision and support our projects.

Our motto is “Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities” Se Patne Solid Ki Bati Yon Kominote Solid.

Best regards

Schelo Doirin
Executive Director