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AEDAP team members and myself are proud to release Volume II of the “Faces of Haitian Immigrants”, a reference document for many generations to come, a labor of Love and Commitment. This year, AEDAP is proud to honor: Hudes Desrameaux, Georges Daniel, Herntz Phanord, Maxime Sylien , Andre Aubry, Max Blain, Katia Philippeaux, Sandra Morisseau, Djouna’s Tutoring, Joseph Surgery, Farm Share, Judge Seraphin, the morning drive.

Since 2007, The Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership, AEDAP has conducted several leadership retreats, offering community based organizations a forum to profile their institutions, help set or change strategic directions, foster a collective vision of reducing duplication and enhancing partnership. To date AEDAP has published five (5) community calendars, two volumes of 100 faces of Haitian Immigrants.

This year, the theme is visual in our E-vite “Giving a hand and receiving many hands to create a strong tree of shared philanthropy. We need your financial support to help AEDAP professional young leaders program for children eight (8) to eighteen (18).

We need your backing to continue the support group sessions for our seniors which we started in many clinics, churches and nursing homes. To date, AEDAP counts many enrolled seniors eager to improve their quality of life, encouraging them meeting others. Lastly, our champion project in Haiti, our Women Rural Project is sustained because of many of you present today. Time flies, nine years no ongoing but we are standing strong, thanks to supporters like you, aware of what our mission entails, sharing our vision and supporting our programs.

“The Faces of Haitian Immigrants” is more than individuals listing but a transformational presentation of ourselves as people, nation, diaspora, better yet the multi facets of how the world views Haitian Immigrants. This project is ongoing. We invite you to be part of it. Every year, forward your names or nominate someone you feel deserves to be acknowledged. AEDAP believes that there is an inspirational story behind each face and it is how we choose to show it to the world. Write us, donate to AEDAP PO Box 566235, Miami, Florida 33256. Visit us at

AEDAP motto is “Strong partnership builds Strong Communities”.

Se Patnè Solid ki bati yon Kominote Solid.

Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue, Ph.D.