2020 - Present – AEDAP Adopt A Family is designed to assist single parent with 2 nights of mental calm who are facing homelessness due to natural disaster, fire, or new immigrant arrival working on family reunification.

2004 -Present – AEDAP is consistent with its active programs: Monthly vegetables distribution to the community, yearly toys drive, yearly community calendar, yearly leadership retreat, yearly community fair and cultural celebration, active emergency response plan, sustain AEDAP women rural. As a partner you are welcome to pick the program close to your heart and support it.

From 1999 to 2004 – AEDAP conducted several leadership workshops for different Haitian pastors and African American Youth Ministry in Miami-Dade County. AEDAP conducted youth symposiums to promote education and presentation of HIV and AIDS materials encouraging abstinence practices while teaching leadership skills.

2004 – AEDAP also partnered with some organizations in special Christmas projects for children that included toy distribution and sponsoring concerts.

2005 – AEDAP teamed up with the Community Outreach and Training Agency (COTA) under the leadership of Luckencie Pierre to provide HIV and AIDS seminars.

July 2006 – AEDAP joined with Bethel Temple and conducted the yearly youth leadership symposium on abstinence and prevention of domestic violence.

September 28, 2007 – AEDAP First Leadership retreat targeted Organization leaders to encourage exchange of their different activities. AEDAP sponsored three organizations in Haiti: Soundendur, An’n Ede Yo and Christ Love Center.

Highlights for 2007 to date

In the United States
Following our first AEDAP fundraising Gala in 2007, AEDAP sponsored Aubry Blague in his Great Christmas Initiative benefiting the Children of Haiti.

AEDAP created a draft of a collaborative community calendar that showcases the monthly activities scheduled by our various Community Organizations. It is hoped that the continued promotion of our collaborative community calendar prevents duplicated activities and will reduce scheduling conflicts in 2009.

In 2007, AEDAP designed two web sites: and, and provided technical support for these two existing organizations. This support will help existing orga­nizations like them promote their mission and gain gradual exposure for their activities.

In December 2007 AEDAP donated toys to Churches and Shelters for Christmas. We also assisted in providing emergency clothing to Battered Women’s Shelters.

In January 2008, AEDAP partnered with the Haitian American Leadership Organization (HALO) to present the Media Forum. This is part of AEDAP’s objective to encourage new media initiatives; AEDAP believes this Media Forum is one way to encourage public discussion and dialogue.

In September 2008, AEDAP had its second leadership retreat. AEDAP sponsored ALINHA and PROFAMIL in 2007.

In October 2008, AEDAP had its first leadership follow-up “make-up” meeting at Nuvo Cafe – the purpose of community leadership follow-up is to maintain the promotion of AEDAP’s mission and vision.

In Haiti
AEDAP sponsored An’n Ede Yo, an Elderly Shelter in Port-Au-Prince, the Christ Love Center in Jacmel, and Soudendur in Cavaillon.