Se Patne Solid Ki Bati Kominote Solid

“Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities”

AEDAP President Message.

 Thank you for your interest to join AEDAP movement. Since its foundation in 1982 by my father Jean Th Lindor. AEDAP has always been about. Alex Testing

Donation Projects (Donate Online)


Toys Drive Project

Since 2007 AEDAP Toys Drive has had a specific target child.

1) Children of battered women
2) Children in local Churches
If you can relate Make this program yours and Thank you for your support.
Regardless the history each child deserves a toy.


Women Rural Project

This project has been created since 2010 post earthquake to support women in the rural sector of Haiti who were not affected by the earthquake however have been living in poverty.
The program is designed to help women 18 to 70, sharing that our older member was 70 at the time.

  • Meet
  • Organize themselves in committees

Program offers training in the area of micro development. It offers opportunity to women to:

  • Start a business mainly in sales.
  • To be involved in crafting
  • Agricultural Stocks

Women are the backbone of Haitian Agricultural life and AEDAP Women Rural Project aims to give women a presence in the economic structure of the 5th Sector of Cavaillon.


AEDAP Seniors Health and Wellness Program

This program was originally designed in partnership with churches and local clinics focusing in series of lectures and activities empowering seniors in improving their life style.

The program also offers them a platform to meet seniors peers , exchange, and regain their self- esteem.

The program has being targeting seniors in seniors residential sites and assisting them with fresh produce weekly and the special thanksgiving celebration.


AEDAP Youth Leadership Program

Created for children 6 to 18 with the goal to help them the core values of:

  • Peering
  • Mentoring
  • Abstinence (sometimes)
  • Civic Engagement and Community Service Hours
  • Toys Drive and more
  • Media exposure

AEDAP Adopt a Family Program


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Our Motto is Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities

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